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Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Internet Marketing, Reviews | 0 comments

BuzzBundle Review – Effective Method To Get Traffic To Your Website

BuzzBundle is an application used to drive free traffic to your website or blog. I’ve been able to generate a 4 to 5 figure passive income every month using this tool. And that’s just one website!Get Traffic To Your Website - BuzzBundle Review

Many people try and build links to get there website up the ranks in Google. This can take months before you start getting any traffic.

Using BuzzBundle you can potentially get unlimited traffic almost instantly using the power of social media. It works by managing all your social media personas on different platforms, getting involved in discussions all over the internet using a very simple user interface.

BuzzBundle supports multiple platforms including blogs, forums, social media networks (Facebook, Twitter) and question/answer sites (Yahoo Answers). Through the easy to use interface it does all the work for you and you reap the benefits by getting high quality engaged traffic.

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BuzzBundle Review

So, you’re probably here because you want to know how to drive traffic to your website or blog. Then convert that traffic into sales or even to build an email list which can then be used to generate sales and revenue.

This effective method whilst using BuzzBundle allows me to make a 4 to 5 figure each month without fail.

Here’s how:

  • Search for your target audience and make a list (forums, blogs etc)
  • Find out what people are asking and need help with.
  • Create relevant content that would benefit them

This is the main reason people actually visit, subscribe to the email list, and come back for more, as its relevant to them and helps them answer a question or issue they have. BuzzBundle provides the mechanism to distribute your great relevant content to relevant people with a few button clicks.

What Is BuzzBundle All About?

OK so you might be thinking, what does this software actually do? Created by SEO Powersuite, BuzzBundle is one of, if not the most important tool i use to get traffic to my websites and blogs.

BuzzBundle saves so much time and effort and pays for itself very quickly. Plus they have made it very easy start generating website traffic by allowing you to quickly connect with your target audience through their intuitive user interface.

  • Searches the internet for popular social networks, blogs, Q&A sites and forums.
  • Using your defined keywords, BuzzBundle will go out and find related content.
  • Create and manage all your campaigns.
  • Easily generate new profile accounts and handles all the verification’s automatically.
  • Compatible with all leading operating systems (Window, Mac, Linux)

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  • BuzzBundle – A social media management tool used to get targeted website traffic to your website.
  • BuyProxies – Cheap semi dedicated proxies for gathering optimal search results.

BuzzBundle Tutorial

As this is the BuzzBundle Review i shall give you a little tutorial on how to use it. Then eventually you will get the results i’m getting by bringing in 4 – 5 figure incomes per month.

Here is the main user interface. Very simple and not cluttered up with tons of stuff making it complicated.

BuzzBundle Review and Tutorial

As this is from a new installation there are currently no projects showing. This is what you will see when you first open up your copy which you can get here. It shows that No Projects have been added and any software updates it has just applied if any at the bottom right.

BuzzBundle is always being updated with new an innovative ways of getting traffic your your website as well as bug and user interface fixes.

BuzzBundle Get Traffic To Your Website and Blog

Looking at the screenshot above shows the Streams section. After creating your project you can use BuzzBundle to start searching for relevant content people are looking for. It offers a great layout of showing you all the recent articles on many different platforms related to your keywords.

With some personas set up you can start replying to these with a simple button click. That’s how powerful and quick BuzzBundle really is. Which will then start driving targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Create A New BuzzBundle Campaign

 BuzzBundle Create New Campaign

Creating a new campaign and setting it up is easy.

  1. Click File -> New Project.
  2. Enter your website or blog URL.
  3. Next, enter your keywords you wish to find relevant content for.
  4. Select the social networks and other platforms you wish to find content for.
  5. Done.

Setup Your Proxy Settings


BuzzBundle Setup Your Proxy Settings

Usually BuzzBundle will work without proxies if your planning on only using a few keywords. However, if your going to be using it to search for a large amount of keywords then its preferable to use proxies.

This allows you get gather the perfect set of search results to use.

You can grab proxies from a proxy provider for next to nothing. BuyProxies offer semi-dedicated proxies very cheap and ideal for our purpose.

To setup your proxy settings:

  1. Go to Preferences -> Search Safety Settings -> Proxy Rotation.
  2. Click the Import button.
  3. Enter your proxy IP addresses.
  4. Done

Setup Your Profile and Persons


BuzzBundle Review and Tutorial Add Persona

A persona is a profile that is used when replying with your relevant content to the social networking site and platforms you have selected.

Setting one up is easy and takes only a minute.

  1. Go to the Persona and Profiles tab
  2. Enter your registration information (username, email and password)
  3. (Optional) Select a profile picture to upload.
  4. (Optional) Include any personal details such as gender, location, date of birth etc.
  5. Click ‘Connect Profile’ to add your persona to your social networking, forums and Q&A websites.
  6. Done.

Congratulations! You have now successfully setup BuzzBundle and can now start to drive traffic to your websites and blogs.

Time To Start BuzzBundling!

If we want targeted traffic we need to interact with our target audience.

Get your keywords ready and click the “Find Buzz” button at the top.

BuzzBundle will go out and find all the recent relevant posts on the platforms you have selected. This is where you can engage and interact with your target audience.

Next, we find a post where someone is for example looking on how to get more website traffic. You can reply to them giving a brief explanation on your article or website and give them your link.

That’s it! You have interacted with your target audience by giving them relevant content that they are looking for. That person will very likely click on your link and read what you have offered. Same for someone else searching for the same thing that stumbles upon that article.

As you can see this is very powerful and quick. In next to no time you will have tons of targeted traffic coming in from different websites and platforms and your content will get shared all around the internet.

To Summarize

  • BuzzBundle makes it easy to find and interact with your target audience.
  • Work load is greatly decreased  when promoting.
  • Spend at least 1 hour each day to promote your website/blog (You will see huge traffic and conversions)
  • Get your FREE trial and try it for yourself!


  • BuzzBundle – A social media management tool used to get targeted website traffic to your website.
  • BuyProxies – Cheap semi dedicated proxies for gathering optimal search results.

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