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Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Tutorials | 0 comments

Generate Website Traffic | The Definitive Guide

Since starting this blog, i have seen a surprising increase in traffic day by day. Some of which is organic traffic coming in from search engines such as Google.

From my experience and observing others, i have noticed  many website owners spend most of their time trying to get traffic from Google.

Organic traffic from search engines is great. It’s targeted and when someone visits, its because they are searching for something that you offer.

If you provide great content then perfect, you’ve got yourself a reader that will hopefully keep coming back for more.

But, i believe we are all too focused on trying to get organic traffic from Google, and if for some reason you get hit by one of their algorithm updates hard. You could lose it all.

So i’m creating this guide showing how to generate website traffic from other sources other than organic searches.

What You Will Learn

I will teach you how to -

  1. Find out your website’s target audience
  2. Find out your target audience’s needs
  3. Use different tools and techniques to generate website traffic

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Resources In This Tutorial

  • Answer Swipe - Boost search engine ranking’s, beat the Google Algorithm updates and quadruple your traffic.
  • BuzzBundle –  Generate more traffic with a all-in-one social media management tool using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums and more.

Find Your Website Target Audience

It’s all well and good getting any type of traffic to your site. But if it’s not targeted they will most likely leave very quickly. So finding out what your target audience is, is important.

Luckily its fairly easy to do this. A lot of it is common sense when you think about it. Lets take my website for example.

As an internet marketing, SEO and tutorials website id range my target audience to be people that want to be successful and want to learn how to become successful. Mostly male but with some female activity. The age range will most likely be teenagers up to people in their 50′s.

Using Google is probably the best way to find out your target audience. For me, id search things such as “internet marketing forums” or “SEO blogs”.

Try and find profiles and what type of people are on these websites. Do they match what you thought your target audience is?

Also check the formality. Do people come across competent? Or are they more laid back?

Find Out Your Target Audience’s Needs

This can be a difficult task, but there are techniques to gather these answers.

While looking for your target audience on different websites, on a blog for instance. Find popular posts and find out what do people want from this industry and how can you apply that to your site?

You can also check out the very popular Yahoo Answers. Type in some questions and some related keywords to your website niche. You will be presented with a big list of questions which is great for finding out your target audience’s needs. You can also get some good post ideas for here to.

Tools and Techniques To Generate Website Traffic

Now we have a good idea of our target audience and their needs. Lets use this information in combination with a few tools or tricks to start generating out traffic.


Generate Website Traffic - BuzzBundleBuzzBundle is a great tool used to generate website traffic using many different social networks. It sends, manages and tracks everything all in one easy to use package.

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Check out the online manual on how to get started. I will be providing a step by step video tutorial exactly how to use it effectively very soon!

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Answer Swipe

Traffic Generation - Answer SwipeAnswer Swipe uses Yahoo Answers and is an excellent marketing tool for link building. It’s very automated and can be setup in a matter of minutes with a few clicks.

Great to generate website traffic and increase your website status to get some organic traffic too!

Click Here To Get Your Copy Of Answer Swipe Now

Again, i shall be making a how to video on exactly how to use Answer Swipe soon. So watch this space!

Post/Comment On Related Blogs and Forums

A very easy method to generate website traffic is to find websites, blogs and forums to comment and post on.

Here’s a neat trick to do this:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. In the search bar type the following. “intitle: forum “[Enter keyword here]“

Replace everything in the quotation marks with your site keyword .e.g internet marketing.

This will bring back tons of forums related to your website which you can post on giving people something they are looking for.

Paid Advertising Traffic

This is obviously the quickest and easiest method to generate website traffic. Which is targeted and valuable. But as you know the downside is it costs money.

However if done right it can be very worthwhile and beneficial as with targeted traffic your more likely to achieve some results and make a sale or an email subscriber.


Google Adwords is most probably the biggest online advertising service around. You can setup an ad campaign with your specific keyword. In which Google will then place your ad in the ads section on their search engine.

You then pay Google for each click you get to your website from them. This is great because it targeted and visitors want something you offer.

Be careful thought as you can easily rack up a huge bill! So make sure you set daily limits as per your budget.


Another great service but a little different from Adwords is BuySellAds. Publishers sell advertising space to their website which already generate website traffic.

Sites on here need a decent amount of traffic to be approved so you can be sure many people will see your ad. Publishers sell their ad space in 2 ways. A single amount per 30 days or an amount per 1000 impressions.

I myself prefer the 30 days option but you can use which ever you want to get the best results.

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