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Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Tutorials | 0 comments

How To Build An Email List | Then Use It To Make Money

Looking to build an email list? Well if you’re not, BIG mistake!

Building a list of email subscribers can be the most profitable thing you ever do for your website and business.

Sure, social media is great and optimizing for SEO will get you traffic. As more traffic, means more revenue.

Doing this is sensible and i recommend it very much. But traffic like this can come an go. With building an email list, you can get consistent traffic and potential buyers every time.

Many website and business owners do the smart thing with their organic and referral traffic. They turn it into an email list.

What You Will Learn

  1. Why list building is important
  2. How to sign up for an email list provider
  3. How to create your first opt-in form
  4. How to build an email list

Want to know the great thing about this is? You can start making money with only $1!

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Why We All Need To Build An Email List

If you haven’t noticed, many internet marketers and business owners will try and get you to enter your email in some sort of form or other through their website.

This is them building their email list.

Its a great way for your business to stay in touch with your customers and prospects.

Since every single person on the planet has an email address, to build an email list is the smartest, most cost-effective and cheapest solution you can do for your business.

When should i start? I hear you ask.

Right this second!

If your waiting for a right time, or waiting till your website is perfect, don’t. You should start building your email list now.

Getting Started:

How To Create You Email List Account

My email list provider of choice and the one i always recommend is AWeber.

It’s my preferred provider (I have tried many others). But nothing compares to their beautifully designed email templates and sign up forms, and they offer a great drag-and-drop form builder feature.

But most of all its cheap. You can try AWeber for just $1!

Here’s what to do: go to AWeber and click on the big blue button that says “Sign Up For Just $1″.

Fill out all the required information (only takes a minute). Then go ahead and log in.

How To Build An Email List

We now have a email list provider to work with and can start to build our list of email subscribers.

Make sure you go through the get started wizard and set up your first email campaign list.

Create An Opt-In Form

Now we are ready to head on to the next step.

In order to allow people to subscribe to our email list we need an email opt-in form.

Log in to your AWeber account and click on “Sign Up Forms”. Then click on “Create A Sign Up Form”.

Create an Email Opt-In Form

Here we can design exactly how we want our sign up form to look like. I suggest looking through each template design AWeber offers and choose one best suited to your website.

Then you can start mix and matching, editing or removing bits you want or don’t need.

I tend to delete everything apart from the email text box and submit button. The less you ask for the more likely a visitor will subscribe.

To delete an element hover over it and click the little red X at the top right of it.

Once finished, click on “Go To Step 2″.

Now give it a name and fill in the rest of the details.

Click “Save You Form” and then “Go To Step 3″

Your AWeber sign up form has now been created and the HTML script code is provided.

Add Form To Your Website

All we need to do now is add our newly created email opt-in form to our website.

To add it to your website all you need to do is copy the HTML code provided and paste it anywhere between your web page <body> </body> tags.

I suggest putting it on the sidebar, the footer of each of your posts and possibly your header as well.

Play about with the positions to see where you get the best conversions.

AWeber Install Form

If your using WordPress you can download the AWeber sign up form plugin.

This connects straight to your AWeber account and puts it on your website sidebar with ease. Check out this article on how to do that.

How To Build An Email List

Congrats! You now have your form on you website and can now start to build an email list.

Create multiple sign up forms and try out different designs and call to action text to see what works best.

Once you have a good amount of subscribers send out broadcast messages each week or every day if you want.

This will bring in a consistent amount of traffic.

If your business is selling something then the potential to get multiple sales from the same customer is increased considerably.

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