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Posted by on Oct 12, 2013 in Tutorials | 0 comments

How To Start A Home Business Online

Getting a home business online is a very worthwhile asset. I have several which consist of websites and blogs.

Since i started internet marketing my home online businesses receive thousands of unique visitors each month, earning me a very financial free income!

Creating your own online business couldn’t be simpler. I show you step by step how to get yours setup in just 30 minutes.

So what are you waiting for?

Start your home business online and internet marketing career now.

What You Will Learn

I am going to teach you -

  1. How to start your home business online
  2. How to setup your own domain
  3. How to make the website mobile responsive, secure and backup automatically
  4. How to fully SEO optimize the website with social integration
  5. How to add a email subscribe opt in form and build an email list

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Resources In This Tutorial

Step by Step I Show You How To

  • Create a domain and setup hosting
  • Install WordPress with 1 click
  • SEO optimize your website for search engines
  • Integrate social media and use effectively
  • Optimize you website for mobile and tablet devices
  • Secure your website
  • Make automatic daily backups

I will also show you how to setup an email opt in form to allow your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and build an email list.

Lets Get Started

Now that you have downloaded the plugin pack  above we are ready to start.

Create Your Domain Name

Our first step to create your website is very important. A domain name is the URL your website will be accessed at and must be relevant to the website your going to create.

A lot of internet marketers use their own name as the domain name.If you’re starting a home business online for this then i recommend using yours.

Once you know your domain we need to setup that domain and find a website hosting service.

As it goes BlueHost provide both of these in one easy to setup package. 99% of my websites are hosted on BlueHost. They are a very well-known company that provide a quality service and reliable up time.

Plus, they provide you with a domain for FREE at no extra cost.

Here’s what to do: go to BlueHost and click the orange button in the middle that says “Sign Up Now“. Next, it will prompt you to enter your domain name. Do so then click next.

How To Start A Home Business Online

It will now ask you for more information. You should fill this out, then look at the package information. You need to pick an account plan. 1 year should be fine at this point. However if you go for a longer plan you get it at a reduced price.

If you do not wish for any additional addons then uncheck the ones you will not be needing.

Installing WordPress

Our next step is installing WordPress. A very popular blogging platform used build a home business online by millions.

You will need to log into your newly created BlueHost account you just setup. Then click on cPanel on your toolbar at the top.

Next steps:

  • Scroll down to the Website Builders header
  • Click on the Simple Scripts option
  • On the next page it will show a Script List. Under Blogs click on WordPress
  • Now simply click on the big green button that says “Install”
  • Here you have 3 quick steps to go through:
    • Step 1: Leave latest version of WordPress to install and select your domain
    • Step 2: Click on “Click here to display” and set your WordPress password
    • Step 3: Uncheck all plugins and themes. We will sort these out in a bit
  • Now check the terms and conditions box and click Complete

Congratulations! Your website is now setup with WordPress.

One thing to note is you may want to write your WordPress username and password down, just in case.

Setting Up WordPress

Now we have WordPress installed we can log into the backend and start setting it up.

How To Start A Blog

WordPress was designed to be used by a complete newbie so don’t feel intimidated by it. Mastering the basics will take no time at all.

Let’s setup your websites general settings. Go to Settings -> General. 

How To Start An Online Business

Here, feel free to change your website title and enter a tagline if you wish. I’m using Jake Fell as its my website. Then click Save Changes.


Setting up the correct permalinks is very good for SEO purposes. So lets do this now. Go to Settings -> Permalinks.

How To Start A Home Business Online

Here, you want to select the Post Name option. Then click Save Changes.

What’s next?

  • Download Required Plugins - needed to get setup the rest of your home business online
  • Go to Plugins -> Add New
  • Click on Upload

Installing Plugins

Installing WordPress plugins couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how:

  1. In the Plugins -> Add New -> Upload screen
  2. Click on Choose File
  3. Browse to a plugin from my plugins pack and click Open
  4. Repeat these steps for each plugin you want

How To Setup A Blog

After installing each plugin go to Installed Plugins and activate each one. With my plugins pack these are the only plugins to worry about.

Configuring Plugins


Configure WordPress SEO

How To Create A Blog

Click on SEO from the menu to configure your WordPress SEO settings. You may take the tour if you wish to learn more about this plugin.

Sign up for each of the Webmaster Tools and put in your meta values for each. This is not required but can help with getting your blog on many different search engines quicker.

Make sure to click on Save Settings when done.

In Titles and Metas be sure to check the User meta keywords tag checkbox.

Under Social you may wish to setup your blog with different social networks. I recommend using Google+ author highlighting in which you need a Google+ profile.

Increase Blog Security

Increase Blog Security

You do not want your blog to be vulnerable to people hacking and potentially hurting your home online business, so lets increase it’s security.

Go to Security -> Tweets, and check every box highlighted in yellow. Click Save Changes.

Now return to the Security Dashboard and in the System Status box you need to deal with numbers 4, 5 and 6. It does provide details on how to fix them.

Backup Your Blog

Backup Your Blog

Having blog backups are very important in case the worse happens and you’re left with nothing. Head over to BackWPup and click on Add New Job. 

This screen provides you with quite a few options. One of which being where to save your blog backups. I recommend sending at least to your email.

Save your changes and head on to the Schedule tab. This is where you setup when to start your blog backup and how often. The default is 3AM every day. I’d leave it at that.

Now go to the Files tab. By default the backup doesn’t include your plugins. We want to back these up so check this box and save changes.

Where Are We Now? – Your Home Business Online

So far we are in a good place. We have a fully functioning blog thats configured to be secure against hackers and network attacks, automatically backup and is optimized for search engines.

Configure Social Sharing

WordPress Social Sharing

Adding in a social media bar to your blog posts is great to allow your readers to easily share your content. So you’re probably gonna want one.

Go to Digg Digg from the main menu. Under Official Twitter Configuration enter your Twitter name if you have one and any of the other social media networks listed.

Save your changes and go to Normal Display menu. Make sure Enable Normal Display is checked and select where you want your social media buttons to show.

In the Button Selection box i recommend adding in at least Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and set their Integration Type to after content.

Adding Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links Management

One method for your home business online to make money is promoting affiliate links. A great tool for masking these links is Pretty Link.

Lets create your first affiliate link. Lets use HostGator for example.

Go to Pretty Link and click on Add New Link. Select a Redirection Type of 301 (Permanent). Copy and paste your HostGator affiliate link in the Target URL.

Then set your Pretty Link to hostgator. Then lastly click on the Create button.

Here is the finished product: My HostGator affiliate link.

Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics WordPress

Google Analytics is a very useful tool for tracking the amount of visitor to your blog. Head over to Settings -> Google Analytics to set it up.

You can either click the Authenticate With Google or enter your UA code manually.

Once you have done that save your changes.

Setup Contact Form

Setup WordPress Contact Form

Your website visitors will want to get in contact with you from time to time. Lets add a contact form so they can do so.

From the menu to go Pages and click on Add New. 

Enter Contact Me as the title in the top box. Then in the big blank space enter a little message such as “Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or comments. I’ll do my best to get back to you within 48 hours. Thanks!”

After your message you then need to enter the shortcode:


Then you can go to your SEO control panel and enter a meta title and description if you wish.

Theme Installation

WordPress Theme Installation

The WordPress themes library is massive and has thousands of free and paid themes. There also many website offering even more.

We are going to install a theme which is mobile responsive. This means your website will auto resize to fit the screen of a mobile or tablet device which is great for all types of visitors.

Go to Appearance -> Themes and click on the Install Themes tab at the top.

Feel free to search and use a theme you like the look of. For the sake of this tutorial i am going to install the theme zAlive. I like it because its mobile responsive.

Click the Install Now button to activate your theme.

Setup The Side Bar

The side bar is the right hand side column of your blog. You can customize it to your liking by adding it a search box, your recent posts or categories.

You can even download more widgets by going to Plugins -> Add New.

To configure the side bar go to Appearance -> Widgets.

Email Subscription Opt-in Form

Every internet marketer should build an email list. It drives a consistent amount of traffic to your website when you send out an email by getting visitors to return.

Its also a great way or promoting a product they may want or need and you can make sales too. The possibilities are endless which is why you should have one.

Email Opt-in Setup

So how do you get one? Setting up an AWeber Account is what we need.

Setup an AWeber Account

The great thing about AWeber is that you can create an account for just $1. So lets go ahead and do so. Create AWeber Account here.

On the AWeber page click on the big green button that says “Sign Up For Just $1

It will ask you for some information you need to fill in. Once you have your account go ahead and login.

AWeber Signup

Once you’re logged in there is a process to follow:

  1. Create a new email list
  2. Make a sign up form
  3. Pick a nice looking template
  4. Set colors that are distinct and match your website
  5. Enter a catchy header and text to get people to subscribe.
  6. Format it correctly – center text etc
  7. Save the form

Now you must name it something you will recognize. The name of your site is adequate.

Create Email Opt-in Box

So you have your AWeber account, created a new email list and made the sign up form.

Now we need to add this form to your blog.

In WordPress go to Settings -> AWeber Web Form. Click the Get your authorization code link and get your unique code to link your AWeber account to your blog.

Next, head over to Appearance -> Widgets. Locate the AWeber Web Form widget and drag it over to your Main Widget Area and put it at the top.

Don’t forget to save your settings.

That’s it. You now have an email subscription form to allow your visitors to subscribe to your blog and you can start marketing to them.

You’re Done!

Congratulations. You have made it through the entire tutorial. Well done you.

You now have a home business online! Which is search engine optimized, mobile responsive and on its way to making you money.

You can use this blog you have setup for your business. For example you can use it for affiliate marketing, tutorials and resources, your own offline business (which is now online).

Whatever you choose to use it for you have no excuse not to blog and make money.

What’s Next?

You now have the website, the knowledge and the skills to start making an online income. So what are you waiting for? I wish you all the best and success!

Resources In This Tutorial

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