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Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing | 0 comments

Landing Page Examples – Free Template

Creating an effective landing page is the difference between you making a sale or that person never coming back to your website again.

When someone visits your website and hits your landing page they will know in a instant if they want to stay where they are and continue reading, or find what they are looking for elsewhere.

I use landing pages for many of my internet marketing and affiliate marketing campaigns to make sales and drive traffic. I have some landing page examples to show you with a free template.

Creating your own effective landing pages is very simple and i show you how to do this step by step.

What You Will Learn

I am going to teach you -

  1. What makes an effective landing page
  2. How to use my landing page examples and free templates
  3. How you can create your own great landing pages
  4. What tips you can use to test your landing page

Lets Get Started

Now that you have downloaded the free landing page templates above, we can start. First, i want you to open up the landingpage.html file in your browser.

Landing Page Examples

Effective Landing Pages

This landing page is very effective in many ways. Straight away you can see the big call to action text at the top of the screen. This one sentence should grab your visitor attention and want to read more.

Next, you see the big call to action image. Showing what your selling or what the results of your product will be. Customers love it when they see something physical and not just a bit of text.

When someone visits your landing page you want them to look at one element of the page that makes an impression on them to want to carry on looking at the next part.

Your best call to action header and key points is very important. Here you list a bit more detail on what your selling and what it achieves in as little text as possible.

Getting straight to the point is vital. No one wants to read tons of text. They want short and straight to the point answers and hopefully its what they want.

If at this point a visitor is still here and are most probably looking for a way to purchase or subscribe. So lets give them just that.

A big image button stating where to go or what to do next is crucial. People are lazy and will not look closely at where to go next. They want it right it front of them.

If a visitor is not convinced then testimonials are a great way to sway their decision to wanting what you offer as other people have tried it and love the results.

Create Your Own Landing Page

Open up the template.html file and a text editor like notepad. If you’re a complete newbie to html then i suggest you learn the basics to enable you to use this template.

If you wish you can use the landingpage.html file and just edit what you need there as it may for easier for some not used to html.

This landing page template provides you with the whole html of a webpage in which you just edit to your own liking. You can change any of the colors and fonts etc.

You will want to add your call to action titles and key points to your product, or what you want to achieve such as an email subscriber. Each part of the template is labeled with what goes where.

If your not interested in selling a product by having a link to a product buy page, another great use for landing pages is adding in your AWeber form to get email subscribers.

Choosing the right images also needs some good thinking. You want something to grab your visitors attention and make them want what your offering.

Tip For Testing Your Landing Page

Here are some great tips to test your newly created landing page. Editing some things or changing bits and bobs around can really affect your results.

Call To Action

This is most definitely the most important part of your landing page. The call to action is text that you use to persuade your visitor to read and click further and hopefully make a sale or an email subscriber.

In our landing page examples “LOSE UP TO 10lbs. IN JUST 7 DAYS!” as the main call to action is great. It’s straight to the point, tells you what it achieves and its big and straight in your face.

As with the other call to actions “Claim 1 Month FREE Supply Now!” is a great incentive for your customer to continue and increasing the chances of a sale.

Move and Rotate Images and Text

On this particular landing page example we have an image of a girl measuring her waist. If you want to be cleaver you can make several landing pages using different images and different text but keeping the same design.

So when you go live you can gather results on which landing pages do better and use that information to create even better ones.

You can change it up by promoting a different product, different images of girls, include other weight loss images instead of a girl. Moving the placement of the image is also a good idea.


My landing page examples show some testimonials with the feedback and results from a customer who purchased the product. There’s also an image showing the product on several television programs.

This testimonial with feedback text and a before and after picture shows what your selling does work and encourages visitor to buy.

If you haven’t downloaded the FREE landing page templates yet please do so and watch the sales come in. They are high converting and great for trying to make sales or get email subscribers.

If you need hosting and a FREE domain to host your landing page campaigns BlueHost provide great reliable up time, excellent customer service and a free domain at no extra cost.

If you want to combine these landing pages with building an email list and getting subscribers then join AWeber. A great email opt-in service and marketing/broadcasting tool. It’s also only $1 to join!

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