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Posted by on Nov 4, 2013 in Reviews, Tutorials | 0 comments

Link Emperor Review & Tutorial – Link Building Service

Link Emperor provides a link building service in which they claim is the only one you’ll ever need.

This review explains if they are correct to make those claims. Or if this is just another SEO tool that doesn’t live up to the hype, and fails to rank and generate traffic.

A video tutorial review below will explain how to use Link Emperor to build quality contextual backlinks to your money site. You can try it out for just $7 and you get $50 worth!

The guys that developed this software have designed it for ease of use in mind for the user. You can setup campaigns for both tiered link building and normal link building, giving you a very nice and varied list of different link types.

These different link types include written articles, forum posts and profiles, blog comments, social bookmarks from Facebook Twitter etc, wikis, press releases, videos, private blog networks, public and private web 2.0 sites and more!

They have made it very easy, all you do is select what type of links you want to link to your site, import your URLs and keywords and press START! Link Emperor does the rest for you.

Link Emperor Review

There are many great features you get on top of the link building service such as rank tracking and on page optimization. It even recommends relevant keywords you could use to rank for if your out of ideas.

Click Here To Receive $50 Worth Of Links For Just $7

What You Get When You Try Link Emperor

You get a very nice 30,000 credits to spend for just $7 (normally $147) when you try it out. Which adds up to quite a decent amount of links. Plenty to get you started if just want a test run. However i guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results.

  • Article Submission – 326 Links
  • Blog Commenting – 450 Links
  • Forum Profile Creation – 1050 Links
  • Misc. Platform Submission – 280 Links
  • Private Network Blog Posts – 90 Links
  • Public “Web 2.0″ Blog Posts – 345 Links
  • Social Bookmarking – 300 Links
  • Video Creation and Submission – 16 Links
  • Web 2.0 Property Creation – 120 Links
  • Wiki Submission – 2140 Links

The Link Emperor user interface is carefully thought out fits together nicely.

They have made is very simple to setup and manage your campaigns. Especially useful if your a beginner and have limited or no knowledge on SEO or link building.

Link Emperor Video Tutorial


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