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Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in Internet Marketing | 0 comments

Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Everyone loves free stuff. Well let’s face it. Why pay for something when you can get it for free? Many internet marketers use free tools to help make them money.

Free marketing tools are getting better by the day and you can get just as much functionality and features from a free tool than a paid one.

If your trying to watch the pennies, or just looking for a bargain try these free tools to help you get started making money online.


Camstudio is a free video recording tool for video screen capture marketing.

An open source application able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer. The great thing about CamStudio is that it can create SWF files from your recordings which is bandwidth-friendly and runs quick on your websites!


GIMP is a free PhotoShop alternative application.

Some even prefer to PhotoShop. Not because PhotoShop is so expensive but it provides all the tools needed to create all your great website banners and logos, and its completely free.

GIMP is also very easy to learn and get a grasp on. Which is why most internet marketers prefer it as its much quicker to produce something for your website. GIMP stand for GUI Image Manipulation Program.

They provide tons of documentation or there loads of tutorial videos on the internet to help you make website banners, logos, action button, minisite graphics, ads and more.


Building an email list is one of, if not the most important part of internet marketing.

A quality email list of subscribers is worth more than a Facebook or Twitter page of 1 million likes/follows.


Because people are more likely to see your email than a Twitter or Facebook post. Which means more clicks and more money.

AWeber is an email autoresponder tool used to build that invaluable email list and allows you to send unlimited emails.

The great thing about AWeber is that they provide a $1 trial! Not free i know, but for $1 you can make thousands!

So, go sign up and check out this content and start building your money making email list.


WordPress is a free blogging platform.

You’ve most likely heard of it before, but some people still think you have to pay for it. This its NOT true, its completely free. WordPress is loved by Google and you have an advantage to get your website at the top of the Google search results it you utilize correctly.


Animoto is a free professional video maker enabling you to create videos for your business.

You can put together a internet marketing video in no time at all promoting your website or product.

If you have a iPhone you can even get the app and create videos on the go!

The free version does allow you to create unlimited video up to 30 seconds long which is plenty of time for making internet marketing videos. Anything longer than that will need a pro account which is still very good value.

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