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Posted by on Dec 9, 2013 in Internet Marketing, Tutorials | 0 comments

Online Marketing Strategy – How To Achieve Online Success

Having an online marketing strategy is essential for any business looking to achieve success online. If you’re looking to start a home business online or get your offline venture online i show you how to build an online marketing strategy that works.

Why Have An Online Marketing Strategy?

If you want to see your business grow online you will need some sort of plan of action. Millions of people interact with the internet everyday in some form or other. These guys are your audience and your potential customers.

You will have literally an unlimited supply of possible business partners and customers. But only if you know how to drive them to your website or blog.

I will teach you how to take advantage of the internet by building an online marketing strategy and building you business to success.

Online marketing strategies do a lot of the hard word for you. So you can concentrate of other important things in your business.

1. Create A Landing Page

In order to get potential customers interested in something your business offers you can create landing pages. You can get a free landing page template to help you get your started. There’s even software such as OptimizePress that gives a GUI front end to create your landing page. Or even to hire someone to create one for you.

A good online marketing strategy will use a landing page. It should be short and capture the attention of the reader. Big call to action headers with testomonials is also a plus. You need the potential customer to want to know more and opt in. Normally to an email list or directing them to make a purchase.

Build An Online Marketing Strategy

2. Setup An Autoresponder

An Autoresponder is a powerful email marketing/broadcasting tool and email opt-in service. It makes life so much easier by managing your email list and sending out broadcast emails. When someone opts in from your landing page they can automatically be sent pre-written email messages.

My Autoresponder of choice is AWeber. They offer beautifully designed email templates and sign up forms, easy to use interface to manage all your email lists, and a great drag-and-drop form builder feature.

It’s also great as you can try it out for only $1!

If you offer great products and relevant content to your subscribers they will start to gain trust in your business and hopefully become a loyal customer.

3. Generate Targeted Traffic

So you’ve got your landing page ready to draw in customers and an Autoresponder setup to start building your email list. Now all we need is traffic. Most internet marketers find this step the hardest. But what also makes it harder is the traffic needs to be targeted (i.e traffic that is looking for what you offer).

There are many generic well known methods such as social bookmarking, video marketing and blogging. These if done right can indeed bring in targeted traffic but tends to be alot of work and you may not get the results you hoped for.

An effective method to generate website traffic is using tools such as BuzzBundle and the SEO PowerSuite. Also link building will help rank your site higher to help it get to the top of the search engine results.

There are many link building services and tools which do this for you such as Link Emperor.

When you have all these in place your online marketing strategy ready and you should see your online business grow.

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